I was so happy to have met Glen E. Friedman few years ago in NY (Thanks Guillaume Le Goff ) an iconic photography living legend Burning Flags Press who change my vision of the world... so it is with proud that the man who saw almost all the counterculture thru his lens, is using my photo as his official portrait ! Feel blessed ! KEEP IT REAL 👁


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GINETTE NY | Tango Corse

Very excited about my new collaboration with Ginette NY, Spring 2019 Collection :

DIRECTOR | Xavier De Nauw • ART DIRECTION | Frederique Dessemond • MODEL | Marine Delaloy • STYLIST | Veronique Louaty • MAKE UP + HAIR | Cyril Lanoir • EDITOR | Xavier De Nauw • MUSIC | "NS Bounce” by High Klassified feat. Da P (P)&(C) 2018 Fool's Gold Records • THANKS | Famille Dessemond, HK Corp LA, Greater Good Co, Nbsmgnt, Virginie Tuvée, Alexandra Boutin, Anne Hugard, L'Hotel des Touristes, Calacuccia, Angèle et Jeannot.


One of my greatest experience while working for the music Industry 🔵🎼Blue Note Records released an amazing tribute to Claude Nougaro orchestrated by Michel Legrand ! He was so kind and so nice with all the crew, a really rare moment in the presence of a genius who take me in his harms after I presented him the final project and the promo Vinyl reserved to the Press only, a little art piece object that touched him deeply and he let me know how he appreciated all the effort invested on his image and packaging. It was such an honor for me to received his gratitude especially from someone who had already saw everything and work with everyone for real ! FRANCE 🇫🇷 just lost a HUGE LEGEND. Thank you for the time you give us during your recording 🎧. A magic moment for ever in mhead and in my heart. Thank you to my buddies A&R 🎙Nicolas Pflug, Nicolas Hidiroglou ©️for the dope photoshoot 📸and photomontage and Piero 💽L’Araignée Design  ✨ONE LOVE

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GINETTE NY "Fall 2018"

New Film "GINKO"  For Ginette NY directed by Xavier De Nauw

Director | Xavier De Nauw • Models | Alexa + Vera Kazmierczak  • Set Designer | Mira • Stylist | Bepi Valerio • Make up + Hair | Cyril Lanoir • Video Editor | Xavier De Nauw • Music | Stan Courtois + Felly

JIL SANDER “Sunlight”

JIL SANDER “Sunlight” BEHIND THE SCENE_ Feat. Susan Sarandon by Mathieu Cesar

Directed and Edited by Xavier De Nauw

Timeless, elegant and incredibly strong - that's what Jil Sander stands for. This is also embodied by Susan Sarandon as the face of the new fragrance, launch in March 2018. The label is working with an Oscar winner for the first time and thus sets a special focus on the attitude that the scent should give women: authenticity, self-esteem and a smart femininity

« Morning Bells »
Lyrics and Music by Yael SHOSHANA COHEN and Gil LANDAU
© Sony/ATV Music Publishing Allegro / Anova Productions Limited

GINETTE NY "Spring 2018"

New Campaign For Ginette NY directed by Xavier De Nauw

Model | Veronica Rusakova • Stylist | Bepi Valerio • Make up | Laurence Maestrello • Hair | Nadeen Mateky • Video Editor | Xavier De Nauw • Music | Greycat “two to tango” _ Steady Go Records


Back in 1990, a young French photographer named Xavier De Nauw snuck backstage after Ice-T’s performance in Paris and captured the rapper “flipping the bird” after one of his first performances abroad. Just a few years earlier, Ice-T had released his debut album Rhyme Pays, the first hip-hop record to feature the Parental Advisory warning label. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the album, streetwear imprint ONEST HOMME used De Nauw’s image for an apparel collaboration. De Nauw’s collection of slides as well as his contact sheets from his shoot with Ice-T a few years later, speak to a certain level of access that is rare in today’s photographer/subject relationship. French-born and L.A.-based De Nauw also recently curated Represent, an important online auction of hip-hop photography presented for ArtNet.



Source: https://massappeal.com/xavier-de-nauw-ice-...


Recognized as the second installment in their ongoing collaboration, NikeLab and Stone Island have come together for a special outerwear release. The project finds the respected companies working on Nike’s iconic Windrunner jacket, which was originally debuted back in 1979, just three years before Stone Island was founded.

The Windrunner embodies both Nike and Stone Island’s shared interest in innovation and desire to always look towards the future, all while combining insights of the craftsman, the artist, the engineer and the manufacturer. In turn, the weatherproof jacket was designed with a focus placed on both functionality and style. When you’re not wearing the Windrunner, you can then fold it up and pack it into the garb’s left pocket, and simply carry it around conveniently.

The whole new pictures has been shot by an iconic french photographer XAVIER DE NAUW, very well-known for some of the most famous french hiphop culture pictures in the 90’s and 00’s, who seem to be back on track with this hipsterish cool new NIKELAB collection.

The latest NikeLab x Stone Island drop will be available starting Thursday, September 8. Check Stone Island and NikeLab flagship stores for stock, while online you can head to stoneisland.com and nike.com/nikelab, and the Stone Island app for North American shoppers.

SOURCE: http://www.bkrw.com/nikelab-x-stone-island-windrunner/


Bret Easton Ellis Directed a Delightfully Debauched Film for the Paris Opera

You've Never seen the Opéra like this !

It's hard to make "high art" like the opera feel relevant to a younger, more fast-moving and mobile audience. But that hasn't stopped the Opera of Paris from trying. 

Last year it launched 3e Scène ("Third Stage"), an online destination dedicated to artistic experimentation and packed with original content by known creators. Its latest creation for that platform is "Figaro," directed by none other than Bret Easton Ellis—still probably best known for giving us American Psycho.

Set to music from "The Barber of Seville," actor Philip Rhys plays a painstakingly dressed and pomaded opera singer, who comes to the studio to audition or rehearse ... only to find he's lost his voice. The devastated singer coughs, mortified, and is excused. As he runs out, he dejectedly pops a cigarette in his mouth and kicks off an epic, sleepless night.

There's drinking, piles of glamorous friends, naughty nods to threesomes in a bathtub, an attempted car heist and a near-miss gunfight. Disheveled, blood-stained, tousled and nonchalant, Rhys swaggers back into the studio at sun-up and absolutely kills it (with help from the vocal talents of a real opera singer, Piotr Kumon)—before attacking one of the surveyors with a rabid kiss.The American Psycho author gives us another unhinged protagonist.

"I was very flattered to be approached by the Paris Opera, and surprised that they gave me so much freedom," Ellis said in a statement. "I wanted to do something slightly humorous and to play with the film medium against an opera track. I don't think it's very dissimilar thematically from what I'm usually attracted to—there's a bit of decadence at play here, but the film doesn't take itself too seriously. There was an energy on the set that was infectious and funny, and hopefully you can get that from watching Figaro."

It's probably too easy to compare "Figaro" to American Psycho. But the desperation and emotional instability that laced Patrick Bateman's excesses can be vividly felt here, too. In another director's hands, it could easily have been a gratuitous Gossip Girl party scene about the wasteful play of the bored rich (a category into which the opera often falls).

Instead, "Figaro" does a handy job of conveying the comedic aspects of "The Barber of Seville" while illustrating the dramatic highs and lows that make opera so gripping. Entertainment has changed, but people haven't all that much, and it's worth taking advantage of the fact that opera—with its high-stakes emotional journeys about the triumph of passion (usually with consequences)—is now accessible to so many kinds of people, which hasn't always been the case. 

For many, the death of classical art is just a natural evolution. But before we let it go, it's worth considering the cultural role it plays, even when we don't always recognize it.

Last year, with help from agency Artplan, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra created an app that interacted with the TV broadcast of Popeye—it's still on!—to show kids how symphonies contribute to the action ... which yielded a 60 percent rise in kids' attendance. (Of course, Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle also represents—and deals with in its plot—the death-rattle-muffling attempts to keep classical musical alive for a new generation.) 

And if kids can see the cool in chamber music, you can watch "The Barber of Seville."

Angela Natividad

Founders: Don Block & Simon Wallon
Director: Bret Easton Ellis
Editor: Xavier De Nauw



What an honor to have worked as an Editor RUN THE JEWELS on the creation of this Video directed by Peter Martin. 

First of all Run the Jewels is one of the most creative and respectable hip hop band and El-p and Killer Mike provide us an amazing storytelling video about a true real story.

I truly thank Peter Martin, Sam Margolius, Anthony Batt and Guillaume Raffi for this amazing experience with one of my favorite band.

Enjoy the "CROWN" experience

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCNzOQ2Ok8...